6 and 6. Days til Marine Corps and months til Boston

As of the 21st, we are counting down 6 days til the Marine Corps Marathon this weekend and 6 months til the Boston Marathon!  Marine Corps will be my 3rd marathon, the last one that I ran was last year’s 2012 MCM, which I ran on the heels of Hurricane Sandy.  This year I have had some new firsts in my training for MCM.  First time doing speedwork (intervals), first time going on a “tempo” run, first time ‘tapering’ and  first time working with a coach.   I feel much more prepared and in shape this year and hope to get a PR (better than 4:08) or even break 4 hours.   This is also the first time I have tapered (running less in the last 2 weeks before the run) and I am doing my best to not freak out and take it easy on the running.  Last week the government shutdown threatened to cancel the race. This week, I’m feeling good, mostly relaxed and ready to go.  My coach thinks I’m ready, always good to have a outside opinion.  (check out my coach’s blog about yours truly  https://www.nofinishlinerunning.com/blog/what-ppt )  I’ll have a full trip report after the race.     You can also check out weekend updates on my Facebook page.
For Boston, I also met up with a new DFMC running buddy in my town.  It will be great to have someone to run with on long runs and car pool to DFMC events down in Boston.  I am starting to think about my training plan and my fundraising campaign.  And believe it or not, planning Marathon Monday 2014.  Where will I stay, how will I get to the starting line, what things to watch out for (from my in-house former dfmc runner-advisor).  Can you tell I like to plan ahead?   More updates this weekend from DC.  Don’t forget to subscribe here and “like” me on FB. 😉

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