Marine Corps Marathon Trip Report

It’s been about a month since MCM and I’ve finally have some time to reflect on it. This year the family came down with me and it was one of our best family trips, and the race was pretty good too! Race day was perfect weather, got there by Metro and getting through security and bag drop was all good. View of the Washington Monument, lit up in the dark of early morning was impressive. I haven’t run that many marathons, but MCM has fantastic spectators at every step! They changed the course this year, deleting the big hill at mile 8  so now the course was a bit rolling but no big hills.  I didn’t like the turn around at Mile 8-9 where everyone came to a stop to make a U-turn, uphill, and switched direction on the same road. There just wasn’t enough room for everyone to make the turn.  Coming into the National Mall area and Lincoln Memorial I got to appreciate the view so much more this year.  I saw my family at the Lincoln Memorial at mile 11 and again at 18 by chance as they came out of the National History museum. Then I got tired, hit the wall, the bleerch got the better of me, needless to say I had had enough mentally.  I had to battle with my self as I crossed the bridge into Crystal City. Just run to the next mile marker. Just run to the next water stop. It was a rough last 6 miles but I finished faster than last year, 4:12. No PR but I’ll take it.   Victory is still sweet!  The next day we probably walked 6 miles around the National Zoo, D.C. and the mall.  Legs were reasonably ok once I got going but I would have just as well laid in bed!  We saw the panda at the zoo which was a “must see” for the trip.  And we had what I would call the best lunch in D.C. at Wicked Waffle.  It was a great trip for the family, and the racing wasn’t so bad either.   Next year’s MCM registration is a lottery, hopeful I will win the lottery and get in for 2014.   What’s next? Gearing up for Boston and thinking to run the Disney Marathon in January with Scott. We had signed up before I was accepted in for Boston with Dana-Farber, but I’ll be Scott’s support team. More blog updates soon, – Jenn





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