MCM training Week 2

Last week went pretty well for training but I skipped my track workout. I could argue that I do a lot of treadmill sprints when I’m at orange theory fitness (OTF) so let’s call it even.  OTF is running a bingo game in July, so I took classes at some random times to get a bingo square–one square is ‘take Kara’s 7pm class thursday’ so I worked that into my schedule even though it’s not my usual time. For every row that you get bingo, you’re entered into a raffle for $250 cash and other prizes. Fingers crossed, I never win these challenges or raffles at the gym!

Miles planned for the week / actual miles:  24 / 26.8 miles


Monday.  Didn’t get up to run my track workout but I did go hit Orange Theory in the afternoon.   #notamorningperson

Tuesday. OTF 0530 hours

Wednesday. I did my tempo run on the treadmill after work and ran 5 miles at my marathon pace (MP) which per my charts is 10 minute miles.   This wasn’t too hard, I ran on the treadmill to beat the heat and it was getting late in the evening.

Thursday I took the 7pm class to get a bingo square but also it’s not helping with my aspirational goal of becoming a morning person.  My data has shown though that I seem to burn more calories and spend more time in the ‘orange zone’ (84% max heart rate) when i take class in the evening rather than before work.  But this could also be because evening classes are less full and i can start working out on the treadmills or rowing stations.  In the morning I usually arrive just as class is starting and typically start in the weight room which doesn’t get my heart rate going at the start.

Took a rest Day and indulged in pizza night with the family.  Side note:  made the kids watch Back to the Future with Michael J. Fox.  Reviews were mixed.  Trying to educate the kids with the 80s classics!

Saturday long run 10 miles!   Was pretty warm out, I ran along the beach road for the first half and inland for the way back.  I wanted to ‘ice’ my feet in the ocean after but it was so warm, not much cooling effect.

Sunday 90-minute class OTF.

Another bingo square but I may be overdoing it. Took the 90 minute class at OTF and was a sweaty & exhausted mess at the end. Here’s my workout summary. I average about 350-400 calories and 5 points normally in a 60 min class and this was a new calorie burn PR.


On to next week!  see you out there,

5 thoughts on “MCM training Week 2

  1. I love that you track your training update with pen and paper. Sometimes at work, people look at my like I have 10 heads, because I prefer to take my notes the “old fashioned” way.

    With my marathon training plan, I’m hoping to become a morning person, but most days it does not work . . . well. I will wake up early, but screw around my apt for 60 or so minutes.

    • yes i have digital calendar for work and google calendar for family but also a paper planner. I like to be able to jot things down. I so far only get up and run or workout if it’s a class with a no show fee or i have a date to meet a friend and run. gotta work on my morning game. send tips and tricks!

      • I use google calendar for work. The calendar sharing feature is a little annoying, because folks will just put things on your calendar if there is a free space. Just because I do not have another appointment or meeting, does not mean that I’m not doing stuff. Now, I basically schedule events on my calendar (e.g. check email, write evaluation reports, invite scientific speakers, play around on WordPress, etc), so it will come up as busy on other folks’ calendars.

        I find that my memory recall is better (and scientific studies would agree) when I take notes the old fashioned way.

        Hey, I was going to ask you for some tips and tricks for upping my morning game. Some people say prepare EVERYTHING (workout clothes, work clothes, coffee in the coffee machine, hydrating materials, etc.) the night before.

      • Sorry comments seem to need my approval, will try and fix that. i was getting a bunch of spam comments on here last year so changed some setting. (not an expert blogger). Old fashioned notes, i agree. though i do take some meeting notes sometimes in Evernote and it’s useful to tag them for searching later or grab screen shots. Work folks aren’t crazy with filling up my free space on calendars, but I have in past jobs blocked my time for those couple people, aka ‘that guy’ who is an aggressive scheduler.
        Morning Tips: 1) lay out your workout clothes the night before and anything you need, hydration belt, towel if going to the gym. 2) i get up and go but spouse/friends pre-position coffee pot, set timer on coffee pot if you have one. 3) Don’t hit the snooze button—-this is my main issue for which i don’t have tips. maybe a wake up call service, i will research this! What time are you getting up? you can call me and tell me to get up and go and i’ll tell you to get out of your apartment and quit milling around. 😉

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